Maternity Benefits are payable to a woman who has given birth to a child. Maternity Benefit can be an allowance, a grant, or both.


The Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Form is to be completed by self-employed persons and other employers for the payment of monthly remittances.


A Sickness Benefit is paid to an insured person who is absent from work because of a certified illness other than that caused by employment injury.


An Age Benefit becomes payable to an insured person who has reached the pensionable age and has satisfied the required contribution conditions. 
Age Benefit is either a pension or a grant.

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July 2022 Pension Releases

Please be advised that pension payments for July 2022, have been released to the following financial institutions: Caribbean Union Bank SDA Credit Union APUA Credit Union People's Co-Operative Credit Union Police Credit Union COURTS Fast Cash CHAPA First Caribbean...

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June Pension Notice 2022

Please be advised that June 2022 pension payments have been released to the following financial institutions:   Antigua and Barbuda Development Bank St. Johns Co-Operative Credit Union Community First Co-Operative Credit Union Finance & Development Company...

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In 1965, the ruling Antigua Labour Party (ALP) Government realized the need for more adequate provision for the Nation’s poor and indigent and articulated, in its five-year (1966 – 1970) Development Plan, its intention to replace the existing Poor Relief System – a National Provident Fund.

The Antigua and Barbuda Social Security Board (ABSSB) is responsible for the funds collected and the payment of cash benefits to contributors. In addition, the Organization has a mandate to inform its stakeholders about the programmes, benefits and services provided as well as any pending parametric and policy changes.


We are a customer-oriented, strategy-focused and technology-driven institution with a commitment to excellence.


To efficiently provide Social Security services through the sustained efforts of strong leadership.

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