Funeral Grant

What benefits are payable when an insured person dies?
When an insured person dies, the following benefits are payable, except where death is caused by occupational injury:

  1. Funeral Grant
  2. Survivors’ Benefit

What is Funeral Grant?
Funeral Grant is a lump sum of $2,500 payable upon the death of an insured person, if one of the following conditions is satisfied.

  • The insured person had been receiving Sickness or Maternity Benefit or would have been entitled to such benefit at the time of death;
  • The insured person had been receiving, had received or had satisfied the conditions of receiving Invalidity Benefit or Age Benefit;
  • The insured person had paid at least 26 weekly contributions in the 12 months immediately before death.

Who is entitled to Funeral Grant?
Funeral Grant is payable to the person who pays or will pay the cost of the funeral of the deceased insured person. If more than one person pays for the cost of the funeral, the funeral grant is paid proportional to the amounts paid; as evidenced by the receipts from the funeral home.

How do I make a claim for Funeral Grant?
If death occurs locally you must present an original death certificate and receipts for the cost of the funeral to the Social Security Office. If death occurs overseas the original death certificate and the notarized paid receipts must be submitted. Applications for Funeral Grant should be made no later than six (6) months after the date of death.

Is Funeral Grant payable where a deceased person had been receiving Old Age Assistance?
Funeral Grant is NOT payable to a person who had been receiving Old Age Assistance unless that person had received or had title to an Invalidity or Age Grant.

N.B.: The application process will not be started unless all requisite documents are supplied.