Registration FAQs

Here you can find answers to common questions related to contributions payable to the Social Security Board.

When and how can I join the Antigua & Barbuda Social Security Board?

Every person is required to be registered at the Social Security Office before taking up employment in Antigua and Barbuda.  Before you are registered, you must present proof of your correct name and date of birth.  If you were born in Antigua & Barbuda, you are to submit a valid passport or a birth certificate with a photo I.D(driver’s license or voter’s I.D.)  If you are a citizen by naturalization, you must present your Antiguan passport; otherwise, present your passport and a work permit in respect of the employer with whom you are to be employed and who is registered under the scheme.

What supporting documentation do I need if I was born in another country, but my parents are Antiguans?

You are required to submit both your Birth Certificate and Passport. If there is no apostille on the documents provided, an affidavit is needed from either parent to show the lineage is of an Antiguan and Barbudan descent. Additionally, the passport and a government-issued ID of the parent should be presented at the point of registration.

What are some of the information on the Social Security Card?

Upon registration, you will be given a Social Security card which will bear your full name, date of birth, place of birth, sex, nationality, social security number, photo, signature, date issued and the expiration date of the card.  It is important that you keep your card in a safe place, since the same social security number will be used throughout your life.

Why do I need a Social Security Card

Each time you take up new employment, you should present your social security card to the employer who will take the relevant information and return the card to you.  This is necessary so that your contributions can be credited to the right account, and up-to-date information is available for the prompt payment of benefits.

What should I do if my name or my union status changes?

Whenever there is a change of name or union status due to marriage, divorce, or other circumstances, you should promptly submit your social security card and the relevant documents to support the changes that must be made to the Social Security Office.  

What should I do if my card is lost?

If you lose your social security card, you should immediately advise the Social Security Office. A $30.00 fee is required to replace the card.